News and Upcoming events

Current News

  • From 4th September 2023 we are in Winter mode – indoors at Bergshamraskolan Mon & Weds
  • A new season for HEMA beginner classes began on the 4th of September for Rapier classes and 6th of September for Longsword classes. We welcome everyone at SPIFF! 🙂 Great that you are here!
  • The Holmgång Committee just had their first meeting on the 12th or September, so you can look forward to Holmgång 2024!
  • Saturday training time will be reduced. The new training on Saturdays is now from 10-13 o’clock.
  • Saturday Series will start in October again, together with exciting workshops! Check out the the Saturday Series part on our website for more information.
  • Our SPIFFers returned with 6 Silver and 1 Gold medal from “Battle of the bridge”! Congratulations!


Holmgång 2024!:

  • Updates coming

Next Pub night:

  • 14th of October: Pub Churchill Arms (Nearest Metro station: „Rådmansgatan“) 19 o’clock

SPIFF member events:

  • 22nd of October 2023: Tour at the Medieval Museum and old town with following dinner

Upcoming competitions: 

  • 2nd of December: Drabant Cup (Lund)
  • 19th – 20th of January: Helsinki Longsword Open (Helsinki, FI)


  • 29th – 1st of Sept/Oct: Battle of the bridge (Örebro)
  • 10th of September 2023: SPIFF was participating in the Brännkyrka medeltidsdag in Älvsjö. Members presented the art of fencing with different weapons for visitors.
  • 3rd of June 2023: Holmgång 2023
  • 19th of March 2023: SPIFF held the yearly member meeting.
  • 18th of March 2023: SPIFF flea market in the hall. Sell and buy gear from fellow fencers!

Previous competitions 2023 SPIFF won medals:

  • Wasaslaget 2023: 1 Silver (Duel comp. for number of duels), 1 Gold (Duel comp. for best win/loss-ratio)
  • Holmgång 2023: 1 Silver (Rapier)
  • SM 2023: 3 Silver (Team comp.), 2 Gold (1 Rapier, 1 Dagger)
  • Battle of the Bridge 2023: 6 Silver (Longsword, Rapier & Dagger, Team comp.), 1 Gold (Smallsword)