Before first time

WELCOME!  Before you come for your first training there are a couple of practical things we need to take care of:

1. Decide what and when
Beginners should ideally join at the start of a semester where the first 4 weeks are particularly focused on basics. (September and January).
Your first 4 sessions in any discipline are free! But after that you need to pay membership and course fees.
For your first sessions we will have some basic loaner gear you can use until you invest in your own.  

2. Measure your head!  
We will ask for it to determine the size of a mask that we will try to have ready for you. Measure around the vertical axis of your head – from the top of your head, around under your chin and back up again. Have a look here

3. Connect with us on discord 
At least two days before so we know who you are and which disciplines you are interested in and when you are coming so we can organize gear for you!

4. Wear ordinary gym gear and bring a pair of gloves.
Your going to be moving around a good bit so comfy training gear and indoor gym shoes.
For gloves, any kind of work or gardening gloves are good. For example these are a good start. If you have light motorcycle gloves they can also be great, like these
Also if you have a sports cup – wear it.  Just in case…. 

*we have a finite amount of loaner gear but if we don’t have something that suits you, don’t worry, we have ways of working around and you will be safe.