Getting Started

Getting Started

I saw you at <event of choice>.  And i need to do this NOW!!


If we are close to the start of the spring or autumn semester then hang on and join us when we start them.  If its the middle of summer or you absolutely can’t wait then reach out to us by emailing the board and we can see what might be able to be done.  – but no promises.  

Go check out the training schedule and the section “before your first training” for more information on schedules and beginners.

I am experienced in HEMA – can I just join you for sparring? 

Yes but we’d still like you to reach out to us on discord or by emailing the board so we can organise someone to be there for you at your first session.

We assume that you will be bringing your own gear and sword(s) unless you say otherwise.  The person meeting you will be doing a gear check to make sure that you have everything and it is in good condition for your disciplines.  They may do some sparring with you to get a feel for your level and skill.

What gear do I need to begin with?

To begin with just yourself, some gloves and wear comfy training gear with appropriate footwear (and a sports cup if you have one).

We’ll lend you a mask to begin with.

Do I need to bring my own sword? 

We have lending swords for most disciplines but you do need to let people know in advance if you need one so we make sure we have enough for everyone.  

Please note this is not a case of “any sword will do”.  If you have a sword at home that you want to practise with then it needs to be specifically designed for HEMA.  An instructor will need to check it before you can use it in any session.

Can I start sparring straight away?

Kinda – it’s slightly different for different disciplines.  

First of all it’s always at the instructor’s discretion.  

For rapier we can lend you a fencing jacket as well as mask to begin with and this will let you start with thrust only sparring straight away.  No heavy sparring or cutting until you have your own gear.

For longsword and saber, if you have a mask you can spar directly with foam sword. 

No metal sparring until you have a full set of gear.