Holmgång is a yearly HEMA competition hosted by SPIFF, taking place in Stockholm.

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We welcome all fencers back to another year of Holmgång!
Holmgång 2024 will be a 2-day event and take place 25-26th of May at Rödabergshallen, in Stockholm.

Saturday the 25th of May will feature:
– Beginners’ Longsword
– Women’s and underrepresented gender’s Longsword
– Open Longsword

Sunday the 26th of May will feature:
– Open Sword & Buckler
– Open Single Rapier
– Open Sabre

The beginner’s Longsword is aimed at fencer’s who have no or little experience competing in Longsword. (There are however no definite limitations regarding previous competition attendance or performance).

The women’s and underrepresented genders Longsword is aimed at all women, but also any who identify as an underrepresented gender.

The Open tournaments are open for any and all fencers.


All finals and prize ceremonies will be streamed at the links below!

Tournament structure:

All tournaments will be fought in a pool stage followed by a direct elimination stage.
We aim to have a pool size of 6 fencers.
We aim to advance ALL FENCERS (or up to 32 fencers in Open Longsword) to the direct elimination stage.
This will increase the number of bouts per fencer compared to last year.

The bronze and gold finals will take place at the end of the day.
E.g. all Saturday disciplines’ finals will take place at the end of the Saturday, and all the Sunday disciplines’ finals will take place at the end of the Sunday.

The finals will be fought as a best-of-three bouts.


Registration will open on 1st of March 2024.
A link to the registration form will be published on facebook and instagram on our profile “@holmgang.competition”.

The registration fee will be 200 SEK base fee + 500 SEK per discipline.
Your spot in the tournament is secure only after we have received the registration fee.

If a fencer has not paid their fee after 24:00 on the 15th of April, a late fee of 300 SEK will be applied and a reminder issued via email.
If a fencer still has not paid the registration fee by 1st of May, their spot may be given to a fencer on the reserve list, if there are any. If there are no fencers on the reserve list they may still pay their fee (including late fee) to secure their spot.

If you for any reason must withdraw your registration a full refund will be received if the withdrawal request is issued before 24:00 on the 15th of April. Any withdrawal after that will not be entitled to a refund.

As an option you may also pre-order a Holmgång sports shirt when registering (require registration and payment before 15th of April).

Charity prize pool:

Just as last year there will be a charity prize pool.
Each fencer chooses one charity to champion.
The further you advance in any given discipline the larger portion of the prize pool will be donated to your chosen charity.

We encourage all who wishes, to contribute to the prize pool by donation, however small. You may choose to donate a sum when registering, or afterwards via swish or bank transfer.

Donations are of course entirely voluntary.


At the end of each day the weapons provided for use in the competition will be auctioned off.
At the end of Saturday all Longsword will be up for auction.
At the end of Sunday all Arming swords, Bucklers, and Sabres will be up for auction.



The full ruleset for Holmgång 2024 can be read below:


Holmgång 2024 is sponsored by Stockholmspolisens IF Fäktning and SPES Histfenc!


Holmgång 2023 took place at Eriksdalshallen on June 3rd, and featured 4 open disciplines: Rapier, Sabre, Sword & buckler, and Longsword.
A total of 40 unique fencers took part representing 5 different countries and 14 different clubs.
Listed below are the medalist in each discipline:


Gold medal: Rasmus Rolandsson, SPIFF
Silver medal: Henric Hintze, SPIFF
Bronze medal: Kristofer Stanson, Stockholm Stigmän


Gold medal: Dennis Ljungqvist, KuHFS
Silver medal: Pontus Westerholm, Lunds Kontrafäktare
Bronze medal: Jimmy Olsson, West Coast HEMA

Sword & Buckler

Gold medal: Miro Lahtela, EHMS
Silver medal: Kristofer Stanson, Stockholm Stigmän
Bronze medal: Jimmy Olsson, West Coast HEMA


Gold medal: Ville Välimäki, EHMS
Silver medal: Dennis Ljungqvist, KuHFS
Bronze medal: Pontus Westerholm, Lunds Kontrafäktare

For the full result see Holmgang 2023 – HEMA Ratings

Charity prize pool

The competition also had a charity drive component that allowed the fencers to champion one of eight charities. The better the fencers did in the tournaments, the more money was contributed to their chosen charity. In total 5101 kr was raised and donated to charity during Holmgång 2023.


Check out this video explaining the most important part of the ruleset: Holmgång 2023 Ruleset