Saturday Series

The Spiff Saturday Series is an initiative aiming to make it easier to practice or try out fencing in a competitive context.

For several consecutive Saturdays each semester fencers participate via a sign-up-on-the-day basis. Each fencer participating on that particular day then compete in two matches, and referee one match.
Both Steel and foam disciplines are available, as long as at least 3 fencers sign up for the discipline in question.

Remember: For steel disciplines full protective gear is required.

Updated ruleset will be published soon.

Spring semester 2024

For this semester the layout will be slightly different than previous series, as the “Referee workshop” will be integrated. The schedule will be as follows:

  • February:
    • 3rd: SPIFF saturday series 1 of 8.
    • 10th: SPIFF saturday series 2 of 8.
    • 17th: SPIFF saturday series 3 of 8.
    • 24th: SPIFF saturday series 4 of 8.
  • March:
    • 2nd: Referee workshop
    • 9th: SPIFF saturday series 5 of 8.
    • 16th: SPIFF saturday series 6 of 8.
    • 23rd: SPIFF saturday series 7 of 8.
    • 30th: Easter – no series
  • April:
    • 6th: Referee workshop
    • 13th: SPIFF saturday series 8 of 8.
    • 20th: Vasaslaget – no series
    • 27th: Referee workshop
  • May:
    • 4th: Kungsträdgården – no series
    • 11th: Referee workshop
    • 18th: Referee workshop 25-26 HOLMGÅNG!

If you have any question regarding the series please don’t hesitate to contact Gustav or Julian on the SPIFF discord server.