Competing for SPIFF

To compete in HEMA in Sweden you have to be aligned with a club.

1. Pick a competition

Facebook and other club members are a good way of knowing what competitions or events are happening where and when.

2. Check with instructors if its a good one for you.

This is particularly important if you haven’t competed before. Different competitions are appropriate for people at different levels. Instructors will know about the competition and will know you as a fighter and will be able to give you feedback.

3. Make sure you have a competition card.

If you haven’t already, register here:

SPIFF is listed as “Stockholmspolisens Idrottsförening Fäktning”

You need to produce a card at the competition for you to be able to compete.

4. Get your gear checked.

First thing at the start of a competition is everyone’s gear is checked to make sure you have all the necessary protection and that your mask has no dents. If you can’t pass gear check you won’t compete. So check in plenty of time in case you need to replace anything.

5. Bring quick repair gear.

Duct tape and elastic string will fix most anything with HEMA gear. Make sure to pack a small scissors as well.